Ugly paper? No Worries

Hello over there!! I hope you have been enjoying your week so far! As promised I was going to share with you my extra tip on what to do with some of your ugly pieces of paper.

Let’s recap I’ve suggested; using it as a layer over another piece of paper, making invites (you can see that here)  and last but not least decoupage. Dec0-what? Don’t worry yes it sounds fancy but really there is nothing to it think glammed up paper mache except you don’t use the flour and water trick.


Here is a picture of what me and my mum got up to with some decoupage; Mum had brought a wooden rocking horse and wanted to add some flare to it (by the way this is for sale if you are interested in it check it out at Rustic Boom) she asked me if I would like to decorate it with some of my scrapbook papers. At first I admit I was thinking this isn’t going to work how is it going to look good, but once I had sifted through my papers and found all my browns and creamy looking colors we got stuck into it and boy did it turn out well!! What do you need to decoupage other then the paper? Well I recommend some handy PVA/craft glue and mix it with a bit of water so it’s a bit more runny and then just brush the back of the paper and what your decoupaging with the mixture and get sticking. Mum then went over the horse with some varnish once it was all done and dry which is what you need to do it your doing it on furniture. IMAG1352_1You can even do it for normal scrapbooking too I’ve done that a few times especially with tissue paper or just to make the page have a pattern different to what that paper was originally here is an example; It’s not the best one but it’s a great memory I have with my school friends (we were so cool!)

Well I hope my tips have helped you with your dilemma of ugly paper the other last and final thought would be if it’s just too hard to use on anything sell it as they say another persons trash is another persons treasure.

Enjoy the rest of your weeks look forward to hearing your ideas on what to do with ugly paper, Lauren.


Back to… NO don’t say it! School

I don’t know about you, but school was awhile ago for me. You may be asking what does school have to do with scrapbooking well bare with me.

As you may or may not be aware of it’s not long until your kids go back to school and your probably beating your brains out trying to get everything organised PLUS entertain the kids for one last week.

Fear not I have an idea and it involves getting creative and hopefully a well needed sanity break for you.

What you will need: A roll of brown paper, glue sticks, scissors, clear contact, exercise books and anything you want to decorate it with (I find old magazines and calendars are great for this!) Clear your kitchen table and begin the fun.
Note: For the brown paper check out your local newsagent or I just had a quick google and it looks like office works supplies it too.

Before scrapbooking was a hobby to me decorating my school books was the next best thing and it was something I enjoyed doing before the dreaded school year started. Why not give it a go and add your personality to your school books after all you have to be opening them up and using them for the whole year.

I had a look around and couldn’t find any of the books I decorated when I was in high school but I found this golden oldie.IMAG0211_1[1].jpg I had cut out some heart shapes from some left over contact we had and decorated this book. One thing I love about scrapbooking to me is you can literally use scraps from other things!

Another book that I do remember doing was a whole book decorated with dog pictures cut out from a calendar I had from the previous year and every time I looked at the book during school it was a nice break from the ramblings of the teacher, especially if it was the first period of the day.

Well I hope I have given you some boredom busters before school starts up again, think outside of the box and have fun – turn your book into a movie poster or why not make it reflect the subject that you are doing? Numbers for maths, a big ancient ruin for history, maps for geography! Would love to see any pictures from what you or your kids have gotten up too!

Enjoy the last of the holidays, Lauren.