Anniver -say what?

AHHH!!! Hello all you good looking people I’m so sorry it’s been awhile since I last updated, what do I have planned for you… Well last weekend we celebrated my grandparents in law’s 70th Wedding Anniversary!! WOAH like what the? I’m so stoked for these guys (hurry up and say the puns with life sentences and all that garbage) I wanted to acknowledge the fact of how beautiful love is between two people from the day they first met right up until the many years later!

After googling  what gift do you get for a 70th anniversary I found out that 70 = PLATNUIM I think that this is so cool as it weirdly reminds me of a platnuim album haha. So what’s this got to do with scrapbooking? Well nothing really but it got me thinking of me and my husband and what I did for our first wedding anniversary… So as I said 70 = platinum in wedding years so when I was looking up ideas for our 1st anniversary what did I find? 1 = paper!! Winning!! I had some fun with this one I made a chain of people, an origami house and love hearts and wrote down reasons why I loved him and things that we had accomplished together. He really liked the idea and to anyone who is stuck on a gift to give for your first anniversary why not give this a go? look up some cool things you can cut out or make with origami because it’s always the thought that counts when it comes to gifts for your loved ones. You could even do up a little mini scrapbook of IMAG1426[1].jpgall the special things that you have done together in your first year or better yet why not take a selfie each year on your anniversary and add it to a growing scrapbook of your lives? Well I hope this has been helpful and it gets your brains thinking!! Love is the greatest gift of all.

After 5 years of marriage he still has the box that I did up for him! here is a peek of what I gave him I highly recommend this. And according to the tradition this year for me should be… Wood – this can go well as ta da what are photo frames made of?? Have fun everyone

Loving out, Lauren. xx