Scrapping and Wrapping

Good morning all, how are you all this fine Thursday? I just wanted to share with you what I got up to this weekend gone. So on the weekend it was hubby’s birthday (shout out to my husband he is awesome!) anyways I was again thinking oh what am I going to write for you lovely people and then it hit me while I was thinking of how to celebrate my husband’s birthday…

Bit of a back story hubby isn’t too big on over the top celebrations and what not. However  when it comes to his special day I still like to make a deal out of it one way or another. As I said he isn’t into over the top things therefore to him it’s the thought that counts. During the week I hit the shops thinking what is something little I can get him (as we had already agreed that I would like to buy him a watch but that was something we were going to buy together) I found myself in the good ol’ $2 shop (have I mentioned how much I love them haha) long story short I got him a bath bomb ‘from’ our son as my thought/hint behind it was he needs to relax and enjoy a nice bath without the noise of our little one interrupting us.


Bath bombs and scrapbooking? Well I was thinking how am I going to wrap this then I remembered this cool youtube video I saw about wrapping oddly shaped gifts, you can find the link here. So I got creative and used some scrapbook paper as my wrapping paper to wrap this little gift; I used a kaisercraft baby boy themed paper as the gift was ‘form’ our son and wrote a little note to him and attached it to the front.

It’s something sweet and simple and can be used on any gift for any occasion especially the little ones that are hard to wrap. I hope you have enjoyed the post love feedback as always, enjoy the rest of your week, Lauren.


What a week…END

I’m sure you’ve all been there, you get to the weekend and it’s crammed full of events, well that was our weekend but let me take you back to how this all relates.

As I mentioned earlier in my blog last year I got to make some invites for my sisters birthday


Well that birthday was this weekend along with my sister in laws birthday as well, both parties turned out great and the whole family had a great time.

Just wanted to share some of the photos from the two days and the creativity we all got up to:


For my sisters birthday my sister and I prettied up our masks by adding the well needed bling to them. Tara got her mask from a $2 shop along with the accessories to add the bling bling, as you can see the mask came in a nice simple plain colour and she has just gone ahead and added some feathers to the top and jewels on the joining parts of the mask. With my mask I was just touching it up a little bit as I had already had this lying around home so all I added was the feathers to revamp it, as before it had some fake leaves which had seen better days.


So if your heading to a mask party and want to add a bit of flare to a simple mask why not try this? $2 shops are the best for these kind of things as you can always find feathers and jewels in the craft section; if your a Brisbane local try the $2 shop at Eagleby shopping plaza or Beenleigh Marketplace happy shopping and happy creating!

Here is a peak at my sister in laws birthday it was a vintage high tea, we decorated the house and set out all the nice tea cups some passed down the generations and some found at op shops (another great place to find bargains!) We also set up one of the rooms where the photos could be taken.


Some of the decorations we used for her party are for sale, if you want to check them out here: Rustic Boom


And for both parties my brother decorated both birthday cakes.

Enjoy the new week ahead! Lauren.