Scrapping and Wrapping

Good morning all, how are you all this fine Thursday? I just wanted to share with you what I got up to this weekend gone. So on the weekend it was hubby’s birthday (shout out to my husband he is awesome!) anyways I was again thinking oh what am I going to write for you lovely people and then it hit me while I was thinking of how to celebrate my husband’s birthday…

Bit of a back story hubby isn’t too big on over the top celebrations and what not. However  when it comes to his special day I still like to make a deal out of it one way or another. As I said he isn’t into over the top things therefore to him it’s the thought that counts. During the week I hit the shops thinking what is something little I can get him (as we had already agreed that I would like to buy him a watch but that was something we were going to buy together) I found myself in the good ol’ $2 shop (have I mentioned how much I love them haha) long story short I got him a bath bomb ‘from’ our son as my thought/hint behind it was he needs to relax and enjoy a nice bath without the noise of our little one interrupting us.


Bath bombs and scrapbooking? Well I was thinking how am I going to wrap this then I remembered this cool youtube video I saw about wrapping oddly shaped gifts, you can find the link here. So I got creative and used some scrapbook paper as my wrapping paper to wrap this little gift; I used a kaisercraft baby boy themed paper as the gift was ‘form’ our son and wrote a little note to him and attached it to the front.

It’s something sweet and simple and can be used on any gift for any occasion especially the little ones that are hard to wrap. I hope you have enjoyed the post love feedback as always, enjoy the rest of your week, Lauren.


Acrylic Album Photos

Hello all, last week I shared with you a post on acrylic albums and just wanted to share some more photos of the album I did up of my wonderful nephew!! Shout out to my family who are awesome and let me use these pics so I could show them off to you lovely people 🙂 Without further ado….

IMAG0111.jpgAs mentioned in the previous post I thought outside of the circle and let the photo hang off the album.

IMAG0112.jpgHere you can see photo backs from the other pages but I’ve done my best with directing you away from the white to the photos on the current pages and again use your bling (embellishments)



Just showing off how cute my nephew is, bias what? Yes that is a crown from the other page he’s a prince charming already can’t you see.





Scrap it! Those toy story pics are from an old calendar, make use of your scrap papers especially old calendars they are so handy.

Hope you have enjoyed how I used my clear album, have fun with them and don’t stick to the pages. I found normal glue worked fine but you may want some stronger glue or the double sided photo splits (yep didn’t know they were called splits I would of gone with tape ha!)  if you aren’t going to see it on the other page as it can get tricky placing the items. I tried to use some rub on stickers but found they just weren’t working so I just cut them and stuck them.  (rub on example is ‘one big happy family.’ in photo 2)

Enjoy your week everyone! Lauren.

Acrylic Albums

Hey how are we all this fine Thursday? Hope you’re excited not long until the weekend!! Anywho, today I wanted to share with you my acrylic album I made up at Christmas to give to my brother and sister of their precious boy that was born.

What is an acrylic album? It’s pretty much a clear album, yep fancy words again. So how do you make this work when your pages are clear and you want to stick photos on it? Well that’s all part of the trick! I admit I found it hard and when I got this album I was thinking how the heck am I going to use this but low and behold our wonderful friend google helped me find what other people did with theirs and thus gave me inspiration to do mine. Are you ready for the secret? LAYERING! it can get a bit fiddley trying to work out how you’re going to cover up what’s going to be on the next page but with some careful playing and positioning it works well! Remember to embellish the heck out of it. I used bits from everything; I had an old baby card that I used as the ‘cover’ and I even used a calendar cut out, yes there may be some white spots from the photos but if you put enough pretty things around it doesn’t take away too much or you can try and position it so it looks like a boarder to the other photo on the other side (insert Adele’s song here :P)  The other great thing I did with mine was not stick to the page limits some of my photos poked out from the bottom some tags and embellishments hung from the sides and another great tip is to use scraps of ribbon to tie around the loops of the pages. Here is a peak of the cover page of the album I did. Would love to see you ideas.


For more ideas and inspiration check out these sites I found them really great.

I also like how all these albums have been kept simple as I have seen quiet a few where they take away from the fact that the album is clear by just making it look like a normal paper page, the point is for you to be able to see through to the next page.

I got my album from a 2nd hand shop, it was Kaisercraft brand so your local shop might stock them or maybe try spotlight or your local scrapbooking supply shop. Happy scraping

Enjoy the rest of your week! Lauren.

HELP!! I have UGLY paper!

Hello all, I’m sure we’ve all been there getting suck on idea on what to do with that piece of paper that just looks U-G-L-Y; Here are some tips that I have used to get rid of some of my not so nice scraps of paper.

  1. The easiest thing to do is to cut it up and use it as notes on the page or use it as some sort of embellishment. I find this helpful as if I have a really nice background but it just has too much going on I like to break it up with one of my ugly pieces or in the example below I simply used a plain colour background and then used the brown paper as a boarder for the photos I then suck over the top. This worked well because the not so nice brown suited the theme of dogs and when matched up with the right colour it didn’t look so bad. What are your thoughts?IMAG1335.jpg
  2. Make invites! Yes I know I’ve mentioned invites a few times in my blog but scrapbook paper has many uses and invites is one of the great ones! So you’re thinking EWWW I don’t want to use my ugly paper to send out to my friends! Well here is the tip use it and then embellish the jeebies out of it! I did it with a few of my baby shower invites as they were in the shape of a nappy and I simply added ‘it’s a boy.’ wording to it with a cute baby looking embellishment which then made the paper not look so bad.IMAG1336.jpg

Well hope you have enjoyed my handy tips stay tuned for next week as I share a bonus tip!

Enjoy the rest of this week, Lauren.

It’s a New Year and i’m feeling…

2015 has come and gone and boy did it leave some highs and lows, as everyone else reflects on their year I want to look back on my year with what I achieved with my scrapbooking. Shall we begin?

2015 leapt out of the gate with great bounds for me and with that a spark was rekindled in me for my passion of scrapbooking. You see in 2014 we were in between houses and as most of you would know having to move home and be in limbo can set you in a funk and boy was I in a big stinky funk with my scrapbooking. Low and behold we were finally in our new home and after having unpacked everything and setting up a scrapbooking room (yes a room full of crafty things that still manages to spread out into the rest of the house.) I was ready and here is what I got up too….


I got to go back and do some more pages of our trip that we did in 2013. I found this to be really good  seeing as I had had a break from doing scrapbooking I came back refreshed with no creative blocks.Photo_2016-01-03_08-42-33_AM[1]

I made some cool as invitations (well I thought they were cool) for my baby shower and with the help of my sister we made her birthday invitations.


I made some gift bags for my mum’s little stall that she had running at some local markets, if you like these or just want to check out the items my mum makes check out her Facebook page:


Last but not least I made this page and framed it as a gift to my wonderful husband for Christmas.

I hope you have enjoyed the read and I hope your 2015 was just as exciting, and that I have hopefully sparked some inspiration for yourself.