Cars and Scrapbooking

Hey how are we all? I hope your week has come out of the gates leaping for you! If not drink more coffee 😛 So today I was racking my brain thinking what the heck do I have for my post this week and then it hit me, My husband’s car! I’m going to give you a little story so we’re all on the same page.

As you can see by my title cars are going to be mentioned… So as the story goes, I’ve been a girl who has had her brothers into cars and wonderfully enough my husband is into his cars too. As scrapbooking is a hobby to me cars are a hobby to them and so when finances hit hard (I’m mum on maternity leave here) my wonderful amazing husband decided it was the right thing to do to sell his beauty. If you have men in your life who love cars you know this is a big step for a man to take it’s like cutting off their arm! And yes I’m not that into cars but this baby is SEXY and what woman does not like a sexy car?? Ah hello no one it’s such a pity though because usually when I’m driving along the highway and you see a sexy car coming up in your rearview  and then as it passes you turn to check out the car and then the person (like come one you have to have a perve too) and then you wish you hadn’t because it’s usually a bald man in his 40’s, sad face. Am I right? And then have you ever been behind the wheel in a fast car! Oh my, you feel like this super sexy lady driving a really really ridiculous good looking car. Yes ok I’m rambling.

Back to the story, so hubby has decided to sell his baby and I had to do the ‘are you sure?’ question 50 times because I myself couldn’t believe it. And so as we wait for this babe to sell it got me thinking of what a sacrifice my husband is doing and how much he loves and supports his family by giving up one (well actually one and a half he is getting rid of his ‘project’ car too!) of his prized possessions. Like heck if I could sell some of my scrapbooking ideas to people to make ends met I would. And I just wanted to honour him today and the sacrifice he is doing because he has done this all before when we first brought our house so I wanted to share with you his amazing cars and what I’ve done with my scrapbooking to show them off.


Here is his first car a series 2 RX7 I did a whole scrapbook up for this car as this is a car he put a new motor in and all that under the hood stuff. It can be quiet tricky trying to make these pages look catchy as you can’t really cut down some of the photos but I made do and it allows people to admire the work he put into this car.


And here is the baby that we are having to part with now another RX7 series 8 (yes we love our mazdas!) after we got married we saved enough money to get this beast, he had some work done to it but not much it’s been so much fun to drive and looks so nice and slick. I love the sound it makes (no it’s doesn’t sound like a fully sick commo it’s better then that!)


I could talk for ages about this I was going to elaborate more on my brothers too and their cars and movies that beautiful cars are in… If you want to hear more let me know and maybe I’ll do a part two.

Enjoy your weeks everyone!! Lauren.

P.S  If you or anyone you know might be interested in this sexy beast feel free to give me a holla 🙂


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