If you haven’t already guessed I’m Australian and well today is the day we celebrate our glorious nation with a well earned public holiday. (Hats off to all the people working today I have been there, I hope you get to relax after your shift is over)

So what’s so special about Australia day? Usually it means kicking up the feet and relaxing with a stubbie in hand and soaking up the sun with some mates.

How does this relate? Well a lot of us like to head to the beach for the day to enjoy the sun, surf and sand and I have definitely had my fair share of Aussie days being celebrated on the beach and have had a lot of great memories come from them and just wanted to share them with you.

A few years ago our family rented a little cabin in a holiday park for the day and enjoyed the facilities giant jumping pillow (a jumping castle without the castle) and had fun trying to ping each other off it as you do, lots of laughs were had and it was a definite work out which we then cooled off by jumping into the pool. If you and the family are interested in the holiday park it is up at Caloundra, Sunshine Coast – here is the link.


Or if you have fur babies why not head down to a pet allowed beach, me and hubby usually make the little trek over to Nudgee Beach to let our dogs run and play along the beach here is a peak up some fun we get up to.


Well I hope your Australia day is filled with lots of fun and that you all don’t have too much of a headache for work tomorrow and to all the kids out there enjoy your last day of holidays! Lauren.

Oh before I forget if your thinking of doing some scrapbooking you of course need your photos printed and sometimes that can be costly, however I wanted to share with you all Harvey Norman has 9c  6×4 prints ending 7/2/16. Happy scrapbooking!


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