It’s a New Year and i’m feeling…

2015 has come and gone and boy did it leave some highs and lows, as everyone else reflects on their year I want to look back on my year with what I achieved with my scrapbooking. Shall we begin?

2015 leapt out of the gate with great bounds for me and with that a spark was rekindled in me for my passion of scrapbooking. You see in 2014 we were in between houses and as most of you would know having to move home and be in limbo can set you in a funk and boy was I in a big stinky funk with my scrapbooking. Low and behold we were finally in our new home and after having unpacked everything and setting up a scrapbooking room (yes a room full of crafty things that still manages to spread out into the rest of the house.) I was ready and here is what I got up too….


I got to go back and do some more pages of our trip that we did in 2013. I found this to be really good  seeing as I had had a break from doing scrapbooking I came back refreshed with no creative blocks.Photo_2016-01-03_08-42-33_AM[1]

I made some cool as invitations (well I thought they were cool) for my baby shower and with the help of my sister we made her birthday invitations.


I made some gift bags for my mum’s little stall that she had running at some local markets, if you like these or just want to check out the items my mum makes check out her Facebook page:


Last but not least I made this page and framed it as a gift to my wonderful husband for Christmas.

I hope you have enjoyed the read and I hope your 2015 was just as exciting, and that I have hopefully sparked some inspiration for yourself.



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